About Us

Kinder Konnection is a 501(c)(3) approved non-profit organization that delivers a broad range of services to homeless and underserved children in public schools, in the state of Washington. We strive to take care of the year-round needs of essentials of these precious children in Elementary, Middle and High schools.

Our services also include promoting education and literary skills by partnering with schools. We collaborate and work closely with the heads of institutions and Family support advocates to enable a brighter future for the underserved children. We provide access to school supplies, gift cards to buy essentials, books, workshops and presentations, cultural performances, global awareness, and outreach to the most marginalized children’s communities.

Our Vision

At Kinder Konnection, we believe that every child deserves access to basic needs that will ensure effective school education. We currently serve 6 school districts with 6000 plus underserved children. We will continue to expand our services to other schools in Washington State.

Our Values

1) Treat everyone with respect and dignity

2) Be Responsible and serve the community with honesty, integrity and empathy

3) Be the community leader and advocate for the homeless and underserved children

4) Innovate and develop creative programs that is vital to the continuing needs of the homeless children community.